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Funded by the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness, the Riley Institute is collaborating with TransformSC on a data study of all schools in the network. Researchers are organizing and analyzing comprehensive annual datasets already collected and compiled by the South Carolina State Department of Education. Data includes attendance, behavior, academic performance, satisfaction with the school environment and school-home relations as well as content knowledge for demographic subgroups. Researchers are tracking all variables longitudinally in order to identify innovations and determine underlying patterns and existing trends that can be used to model and scale innovation.

TransformSC is an education initiative of the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness, which functions as a collaboration of business leaders, policy makers, educators, parents and students who want to transform South Carolina’s public schools. The South Carolina Council on Competitiveness is a nonpartisan, business-led non-profit organization committed to advancing the long-term economic competitiveness of our state, industries, and citizens. Their work is accomplished through:

  • Actionable research on opportunities and threats to South Carolina’s competitiveness;
  • Support of industry clusters that provide South Carolina a competitive advantage; and
  • Education and workforce development initiatives that ensure all South Carolina’s citizens are equipped to compete in a global economy.