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Submission Guidelines


1. Only programs meeting these criteria may be considered for the WhatWorksSC™ Award

  • Program may be a local implementation of a larger or national program, but must have collected robust local data proving effectiveness.
  • Program must serve students in South Carolina’s public schools.
  • Programs must not currently be under evaluation by the Riley Institute’s evaluation team.
  • Previous award winners are not eligible for consideration until 10 years (11th year eligible) after they win award.
  • Previous semifinalists are not eligible for consideration until 5 years (6th year eligible) after they place as semifinalists.
  • Programs being evaluated by the Riley Institute at Furman are not eligible until after the evaluation has been completed.

2. CEPL staff choose eight to ten semifinalists from among eligible programs, using criteria identical to those used by award judges (note: semifinalists will not be announced publically).

3. Judges rate semifinalist programs and determine winner and two finalists from among CEPL-selected semifinalists.

Application for WhatWorksSC Award