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Advance Team 2010-11

The Advance Team with Governor Nikki Haley at the 2011 Wilkins Awards Dinner

With a new academic year came new faces to add to our select Riley Institute Advance Team. This year’s A-Teamers hailed from all over the east coast, ranging from Pennsylvania to Alabama and everywhere in between. Many of the students are Political Science majors, but this year’s team also includes students with majors in Spanish, Business, Economics, Philosophy, Asian Studies, History, and even Neuroscience. The 2010-11 Advance Team members!

The Advance Team was led by Riley Institute Advance Team member Anna Burns, a Political Science and Spanish major. 

The Fall of 2010 was an exciting one for this year’s high energy A-Team. Sharing hot tea with National Peace Corps Association President Kevin Quigley and enjoying an intimate lunch with Commander of the Army Special Forces General Mulholland were among numerous opportunities afforded these talented students.

In November, A-Team students had the pleasure of attending a private meeting with Greenville City Mayor Knox White in his personal office. Mayor White gave candid remarks about the recent economic development and revitalization and told a variety of anecdotes. The meeting followed a tour of the downtown area by City Development Manager Mary Douglas Hirsch, in which the students learned of prior development partnerships, plans for new venues, and emerging social opportunities in Greenville. That gorgeous Friday afternoon will not be one that the A-Teamers will soon forget.

In January 2011, the students made their annual trip to Columbia for the Sixth Wilkins Leadership Awards Dinner. They also enjoyed a second trip to our state’s capital on Tuesday, February 8, 2011. They met with Coastal Conservation League lobbyist Patrick Moore, who talked about the lobbying profession, redistricting, and the Water Surface Removal Act most specifically. Then, the students met with Charleston Senator Chip Campsen, who was the driving force in the legislature for the passage of the Water Surface Removal Act, and worked closely with Mr. Moore on this issue. Lastly, the team met with former attorney general Henry McMaster, the quintessential Southern gentleman. He gave interesting insight into the work of the attorney general’s office and, in particular, the successful resolution of the petition they brought to the US Supreme Court regarding North Carolina’s removal of water from the Catawba River.

This day trip to Columbia gave Advance Team students a multifaceted and inside look into the mechanisms behind state politics. The passion felt for South Carolina by Mr. Moore, Senator Campsen, and General McMaster was clearly evident to the students, and was certainly inspiring to those that may wish to enter the realm of state politics.

The rewards were well-deserved by a group of students who work hard, with professionalism and graciousness, to make the Riley Institute's events flow seamlessly.