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Advance Team 2018-19

Meet the 2018-19 Riley Institute Advance Team! Welcome to new and returning members, and, as always, the Riley Institute is looking forward to each of you joining us during the year at Riley events! The Advance Team plays an important role in the success of our events. 

This year's Advance Team leader is Jack Ligon ('19) from Atlanta, GA (Politics and International Affairs).

The 2018-19 academic year was off to a busy start for the Advance Team with the annual Riley/OLLI Summer Series: StraightTalk. The series was titled "Who Gets to be American? Immigration and the Fight for America’s Future" and was held August 30, September 6 and October 1. The three-part series examined current and recent immigration enforcement policies and their impact, the effect of immigration on jobs and our economy, and what the changing demographics of the United States mean for our politics and elections. Many Advance Team members enjoyed lunch with Whit Ayres, Peter Hart and Jessica Taylor and inquired how they personally felt about immigration issues. 

Another highly debated topic, "Turning Right: The New Supreme Court and Issues of Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, and Mass Incarceration," was discussed at the Constitution Day event held of September 18. The panel included Glen Halva-Neubauer, Teresa Cosby and David Fleming from the Politics and International Affairs department.