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Safe Free? Civil Liberties and the Fight for National Security.
A two-day symposium featuring ten prominent Furman alumni:
Row 1 (l-r): Jennifer Lambert, Sheana Cavitt, Jessica Taylor, Eli Dourado, Chris Ballard
Row 2 (l-r): Michael Roosevelt, Maurice Owens, David Shi, John Mulholland, Mike McConnell

The Riley Institute Distinguished Speakers and Panelists 2016-17

  • Andrew Abrams, dean, Charleston School of Law
  • Rita Allison, legislator, South Carolina House of Representatives
  • Chris Ballard, commanding general, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
  • Tammy Besherse, director of Immigration Policy, South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center
  • Morgan Brigman, attorney, U.S. Attorney’s office
  • Sheana Cavitt, senior professional, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
  • Erik Ching, professor of Latin American and African History, Furman University
  • Janelle Cousino, vice president, Fowler Hoffman
  • Kari Denissen Cunnien, Network Lead, Minnesota Ignite Afterschool
  • Chandra Dillard, legislator, South Carolina House of Representatives
  • Eli Dourado, former senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center, George Mason University
  • Dawn Dowden, vice president of Operations, Homes of Hope
  • Amy Ryberg Doyle, councilwoman, Greenville City Council
  • David DuTremble, editor in chief, Charleston Law Review
  • Elliott Epps, community activist
  • Ron Fairchild, president and CEO, Smarter Learning Group
  • Nick Galasso, senior researcher, Oxfam America
  • Carol Goldsmith, news anchor, WYFF News
  • Hayne Hipp, former CEO of The Liberty Corporation
  • Kim Keefer, director, Shucker Center for Leadership Development
  • Cynthia King, associate professor of communication studies, Furman University
  • Jennifer Lambert, deputy director, Office of Analytics, U.S. Department of State
  • Derek Lewis, executive director, Greenville County First Steps
  • Jil Littlejohn, president and CEO, Urban League of the Upstate
  • Kyle Longest, assistant professor of sociology, Furman University
  • Deborah Malac, U.S. Ambassador to Uganda
  • Lemar Marshall, Hammond City Council, Louisiana
  • Mike McConnell, former U.S. director of National Intelligence
  • Adela Mendoza, executive director, Hispanic Alliance
  • Michael Boulware Moore, president and CEO, International African American Museum
  • Joseph Morra, United Way, Rhode Island
  • John Mulholland, former associate director for Military Affairs at the CIA
  • Kimaka Nichols-Graham, J.D., South Carolina Legal Services
  • Maurice Owens, head of Washington D.C. office of Libra Group
  • Terry Peterson, director of the Afterschool and Community Learning Network
  • Beth Pontari, professor of psychology, Furman University
  • Nancy Powers, M.D., developmental behavioral pediatrician
  • Don Raber, provost and professor of political science, Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC
  • Glenis Redmond, poet and workshop leader, Kennedy Center/Peace Center
  • Alison Reis-Khanna, TXPOST, Texas
  • Dick Riley, former U.S. Secretary of Education
  • Jen Rinehart, vice president of Research & Policy, Afterschool Alliance
  • Torrence Robinson, senior director of Global Community Affairs, Fluor
  • Michael Roosevelt, former CIA agent and senior advisor to National Security Council
  • Liz Seman, executive director of Corporate Engagement, Furman University
  • David Shi, former president of Furman University
  • Deb Sofield, executive speech coach, Commissioner of Public Works
  • Elizabeth Smith, professor and chair, Department of Politics & International Affairs, Furman University
  • Jessica Taylor, lead digital political reporter for National Public Radio
  • Danielle Vinson, professor, Department of Politics & International Affairs, Furman University
  • Ashley Wallace, program manager, National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Zelda Waymer, executive director, South Carolina Afterschool Alliance
  • Eddie Willson, principal, Propel Schools
  • Shannon Wilson, consultant, business etiquette and international protocol