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China's Global Rise

China's Global Rise

China: A Series on the World's Next Great Power

As China entered the twenty-first century, it had undergone one of the most remarkable and rapid successions of economic, social, and cultural changes in world history. Its rise as a global manufacturing powerhouse and a regional power with an increasingly influential voice in the world has led some observers to pronounce the twenty-first century to be "China's Century."

2020: Engaging China in a New Era

China’s Global Rise: Engaging China in a New Era

Following the advice of public health experts, starting March 16, all events at Furman University are canceled through at least the end of March or being postponed. Engaging China in a New Era has been CANCELED. Plans are underway to reschedule for March 2021.

China’s Environmental Crisis: Is There A Way Out?

National Conferences

International Symposium
China’s Environmental Crisis: Is There A Way Out?

Shaw Hall, Younts Conference Center, Furman University
September 22, 2014 at 7 pm 
September 23, 2014 at 5 pm & 7 pm

China's Global Rise Series 2009

(l-r) Don Gordon, Kate Kaup, Brantly Womack, David Finkelstein, Mayor Knox White,
Minister Xie Feng, guest, Ni Shixiong, Wang Dan, Philip Lin and David Shi

 China: Series on the World's Next Great Power

 "China's Global Rise:  International Relations in an Era of Change"

China's Global Rise Series 2006

China: A Series on the World's Next Great Power

"China's Global Rise: Human Rights in China"

Part Three of a Five Part series
A Two Day Conference
April 10-11, 2006
Younts Conference Center at Furman

Despite China's political liberalization, human rights abuses clearly still occur all too frequently. The United States' State Department regularly criticizes China's human rights record and reports from dissidents fleeing the People's Liberation Army (PRC) paint a grim picture of continuing oppression, particularly in Tibet, against underground Church followers, and against those willing to speak out against the Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party argues that the United States is imposing a double standard and that China is making important improvements in the human rights field. China’s Global Rise Part Three addressed the challenge of human rights in China.

China's Global Rise Series Fall 2004

China: A Series on the World's Next Great Power

"China's Global Rise: The Chinese Economy and the United States"

Part Two of a Five Part series
A Two Day Conference
Held at Furman University and the Westin Poinsett, Greenville SC
October 25-26, 2004

China's rise to a global economic power has raised many vital questions for analysts, policymakers, and the international business community. What does the rise of China, the world's next super power, mean for America? Will China's accession into the World Trade Organization promote social and political change within the world's largest nation? Will China play by WTO rules, and what will the impact be on American business interests? This National Conference brought together prominent speakers from within the US government, academia, and media to join their counterparts from China to discuss these issues and more.

China's Global Rise Series Spring 2004

Fellows in Residence

James R. Lilley
Ambassador in Residence
former U.S. Ambassador to China and Korea
April 13 - 14, 2005

The five part China's Global Rise Series began April 13 – 14, 2004, with two public addresses by the Riley Institute’s Ambassador-in-Residence James Lilley. Lilley, U.S. Ambassador to China and Korea under the George H. Bush administration, shared a wealth of personal experience in his lectures, "Dealing with the North Koreans: An Inside View" and "US China Relations at the Dawn of the 21st Century."