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StraightTalk: Healthcare Reform in SC

StraightTalk: Healthcare Reform in SC

Presented in partnership with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Furman

Wednesdays: July 17, July 24, July 31 and August 7, 2013
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. each week

If you missed the StraightTalk summer series, we have the entire series on a set of 4 DVD’s for sale for $15. The topic, Healthcare Reform in SC was discussed by front line decision makers and experts in the field throughout the four. If you are interested in purchasing a DVD set, please call the office at 294-2998 to order. 

Incorporating a variety of perspectives, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and Riley Institute at Furman’s third annual summer series opened with factual, pragmatic information about our country’s current system of healthcare delivery, the principles underlying healthcare reform, and the government’s role in providing access to care. Later sessions discussed the best way to increase access to care, highlighted initiatives underway to control the costs of healthcare, and explained the changes that will occur with the next stage of implementation of the Affordable Care Act in South Carolina in 2014. 

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July 17: Healthcare in America:  Best in the World?

A look at how we currently deliver healthcare in the U.S. and what issues the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was addressed.  What are the ethical and economic reasons that government should or shouldn’t be involved?

Part One: Making Sense of the Affordable Care Act 

Keynote Address: Hugh Greene, FACHE, CEO and President, Baptist Health, Jacksonville, FL (bio)
       To view Hugh Greene's PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Part Two: Economics and Ethics: The Role of Government in Healthcare

Melanie Cozad, Ph. D., professor of economics, Furman University (bio)

George Khushf, Ph. D., professor of philosophy and director for the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, University of South Carolina (bio)

July 24: Opposing Visions for Improving Health in SC

Would like to read comments from this session through Storify (social media), click here

South Carolina is one of 14 states whose legislatures are rejecting federal funding for Medicaid Expansion. We heard the state’s leading voices debate whether this decision is the right one for South Carolina.

Part One: Is Medicaid Expansion Right or Wrong for South Carolina?

Anthony Keck, director, South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (bio)

Thornton Kirby, CEO, South Carolina Hospital Association (bio)
         For more information on Medicaid expansion from the SC Hospital Association, click here. You will see some videos, a PowerPoint, and several documents under Tools/Resources that can be downloaded.  

Part Two: Digging Deeper into Medicaid Expansion and Plan B

Roundtable discussion and Q & A hosted by Mark Quinn, director of Public and Member Relations at The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina (bio)

Tony Keck

Thornton Kirby

Stuart Hamilton, M.D., president and founder, Eau Claire Cooperative Health Centers and associate medical director, Select Health (bio)

July 31: Rationing Healthcare Rationally

Would like to read comments from this session through Storify (social media), click here.

Our society spends much of its limited healthcare dollar on high-priced ER visits and expensive end-of-life care, and uses a fee-for-service system. How can we change our approach so as to provide better care at a lower cost?

Part One: Shifting the Paradigm to Improve Health and Lower Costs

Jim Deyling, president, Private Business, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina (bio)

Mark Nantz, CEO, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System (bio)

Lee Pearson, DrPH, director of operations, SC Institute of Medicine and Public Health (bio)

Part Two: Death Panels or Shared Decision-Making: Lowering the High Cost of End of Life Care

Carmela Epright, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, Furman University, and clinical ethics consultant (bio)

Armin Meyer, M.D., Pulmonary Disease Associates and associate professor, Greenville University Medical Center  (bio)

John Ropp, M.D., chair, SC Coalition for Care of the Seriously Ill (bio)

August 7: Obamacare in SC: Beyond Debate to Implementation

Some like it, others do not.  Either way, the ACA is coming to South Carolina. What will it look like and how is SC preparing and responding?

Part One: The Affordable Care Act in South Carolina in 2014

Pamela Roshell, Ph.D., regional director, US Department of Health and Human Services (bio).
To view Pamela Roshell's PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Part Two: A New Era of Healthcare Delivery in South Carolina

Angelo Sinopoli, MD, chief medical officer, Greenville Health System (bio)

Shelli Quenga, director of programs, Palmetto Project (bio)

Pamela Roshell

Press Coverage

The Post and Courier, The Washington Post - more about ACA

The Summer Series is presented by The Riley Institute at Furman
and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Furman