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Straight Talk: Who Gets to be American?

Straight Talk
Who Gets to be American? Immigration and the Fight for America’s Future

Thursdays: August 30 and September 6 and 13, 2018

Shaw Hall, Younts Conference Center
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Immigration has become a wedge issue in the United States, stirring fear, anxiety, and anger among Americans on both sides of the issue. Building a wall to prevent illegal immigration and restricting legal immigration are central to President Trump’s agenda. Anti-immigrant sentiment helped move him into the White House.

Even so, polls show that most Americans favor legislation that supports a pathway to citizenship for the Dreamers and other undocumented immigrants. Although some Americans fear the negative impact of both legal and illegal immigration, others envision an America that is a haven for refugees and welcomes immigrants from all nations. 

Our three-part series will examine current and recent immigration enforcement policies and their impact, the effect of legal immigration on jobs and our economy, and what the changing demographics of the United States mean for our culture and political system.

Week One: Immigration Enforcement in a Post-9/11 America

Tough border security and strict enforcement of immigration laws are a focal point of the Trump Administration. How does this compare to other recent administrations? What does this mean for undocumented immigrants, ICE, the courts, our communities, and our safety?

Week Two: Chasing the American Dream: The Economics of Immigration

Cities and towns want jobs, economic growth, and vital communities. Is immigration good or bad for our economy and for our nation’s well-being?  

Week Three: The Changing Face of America: Who is Left Behind?

Despite recent changes in immigration policy, demographics in America are changing, and continued change is inevitable.  What can we expect politically and culturally in the coming decades as America becomes a majority-minority country?