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Urban Politics and Policy Series

Urban Politics and Policy

Urban Politics and Policy Series

Committed to educating the community about policies that can enhance their lives, The Riley Institute investigates the politics of urban America through its Urban Politics and Policy Series.

2007: Ferdinand von Prondzynski

Urban Politics and Policy Series

Ferdinand von Prondzynski
President of Dublin City University  

The Riley Institute at Furman, in partnership with Greenville Forward and the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, welcomed Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski to Furman as part of the Vision 2025 Series. He spoke at a breakfast on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 8 a.m. in Younts Conference Center on Furman's campus about "Fuelling the Celtic Tiger for the Next Decade".

2006: Chuck Flink

Urban Politics & Policy Series 

Charles A. "Chuck" Flink, FASLA
Greenways Incorporated 

The Riley Institute at Furman, in partnership with Upstate Forever, was pleased to host Charles A. "Chuck" Flink, Founder and President of Greenways Incorporated, an environmental planning and landscape architecture company established in 1986 and based in Durham, North Carolina. Widely regarded as one of the nation's leading greenway planners, Flink has completed comprehensive greenway, trail and open space plans for more than 100 communities within 32 States and in the US Virgin Islands, Argentina, Canada and Japan. He was elected to the American Society of Landscape Architects Council of Fellows in November 2003. His address titled "The Economic Benefits of Greenways for Greenville County" was held on November 28, 2006 in the Younts Conference Center at Furman University.

2005: Glenda Hood

Urban Politics and Policy Series

The Honorable Glenda E. Hood
Florida Secretary of State 

The Riley Institute at Furman University, Greenville Forward and the Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce, as part of the Vision 2025 Lecture Series, welcomed the Honorable Glenda Hood to deliver a public address on "Creative Economies: Cool Cities." The event took place in the Gunter Theater at the Peace Center on Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at 7:30 pm. 

2004: Keith Laughlin

Urban Politics and Policy Series

Keith Laughlin
President, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy  

The Riley Institute at Furman, Upstate Forever, and the Palmetto Conservaton Foundation hosted Keith Laughlin, president of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Over 200 people attended his presentation on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 in the University Center's Watkins Room, Furman University on "Connecting Communities through Trails and Greenways." Laughlin discussed the importance of trails and greenways in our community and why rail-trails, such as the line that runs from Furman into downtown Greenville, could be so beneficial to the Upstate.

2004: Carol Coletta

Urban Politics and Policy Series

Carol Coletta 
Host and Producer of National Public Radio's "Smart City"

The Riley Institute at Furman presented Carol Coletta, Host and Producer of National Public Radio's "Smart City," the nation's most widely distributed program on Urban America. She spoke Monday, November 1, 2004 in Hartness Pavilion at Furman University on "The Young and the Restless: Where the Best and Brightest Young Americans are Moving and Why."  Her address discussed the issue of where college-educated 25-34 year-olds are moving in America and why.

2003: Vince Graham

Urban Politics & Policy Series

Vince Graham
Developer of Newpoint, Broad Street, and I'On

In communities across the nation, there is a growing concern that current development patterns — dominated by what some call "sprawl" — are no longer in the long term interest of our cities, existing suburbs, small towns, rural communities, or wilderness areas. Though supportive of growth, communities are questioning the economic costs of abandoning infrastructure in the city, only to rebuild it further out.

2003: Theodore Rueter

Urban Politics & Policy Series

Dr. Theodore Rueter 
Executive Director of Noise Free America  

Ted Rueter is the Executive Director of Noise Free America and is a national expert on noise pollution in America. As Executive Director, Dr. Rueter has been active in the analysis of noise as an implement of environmental deterioration especially in urban areas and in advocating policies and ordinances that limit noise. Noise Free America has chapters in nineteen states and thirty cities, including Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia and Raleigh, North Carolina.

2003: Dan Burden

Urban Politics & Policy Series

Dan Burden 
Founder and Executive Director of Walkable Communities, Inc.

Dan Burden is the founder and Executive Director of Walkable Communities, Inc., a non-profit consulting firm in High Springs, Florida. The firm's objective is helping North America develop walkable communities. Dan Burden is a nationally recognized authority on bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs, and has had 25 years of experience in developing, promoting and evaluating alternative transportation facilities, traffic calming practices and sustainable community design at national, regional, state and local levels.

2002: Joe Riley

Urban Politics & Policy Series

The Honorable Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina 

Joseph P. Riley, Jr., first elected Charleston's mayor in 1975, is currently serving an unprecedented ninth term. Under his leadership, the city has established an impressive record of innovation in public safety, housing, arts and culture, the creation of public spaces, and economic revitalization and development. He delivered an address, "Redesigning the American City: Urban Policy in the 21st Century," on January 28, 2002.