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Duncan Winburn

Duncan Winburn
Westwood High School
Blythewood, SC

Duncan created a special event called “Star Day”.  For the entire day, arts students taught special education students how to dance, sing, sculpt, improv, and make and perform puppetry.  The fun day took months of planning and logistics, but in the end, Star Day had over 100 participants.  The school’s integrated arts board has voted to make Star Day an annual event.

“It’s always just an idea in your head until it happens.  Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, especially the students in special education, made all the effort worth it.  I think I might want to do things like Star Day as a career, and that possibility was really supported by the joy I felt.  My favorite part came later, though, when the special education teachers told me that now the regular education students stop and talk to their students in the hallways and cafeteria, and that the smiles just continue on.”

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