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EPL Class of 2018-19 proposed projects

Bayan Abunijem
Greenville Tech Charter High School
Greenville, SC

Bayan will work alongside the Raja academy to offer self-defense education and resources to college women to teach women how to lower the number of deaths caused by domestic violence. She will do this by offering a two-hour self-defense class by a professional instructor to sororities and female student organizations on college campuses.

Reilly Arford
Ridge View High School
Columbia, SC

Reilly will expand his work with sex trafficking by creating an educational curriculum for children in middle and high school, law enforcement, and legislators. The middle/high school curriculum will teach them the signs and dangers of human trafficking as well as self-defense techniques and what to do if someone they know is trafficked; the law enforcement curriculum will teach cadets how to identify and treat a victim of human trafficking; law makers will stay up to date on the new aspects and patterns of human trafficking via yearly training.

Madison Brawley
Strom Thurmond High School
Johnston, SC

Madison will create a club that strives to educate the Edgefield county population on LGBTQ+ issues, poverty, and race based discrimination as well as assist the people who have to deal with these issues.

Claire Derakhshan
West Florence High School
Florence, SC

Claire will create a recycling program in several FSD1 elementary schools, focusing on schools in socio-economically challenged areas that don’t receive as many volunteers as other parts of the district.

Olivia Dozier
Dreher High School
Columbia, SC

Olivia will continue her work with her organization, The Language Buzz Junior Board, which strives to help other communities that are less fortunate than ours through education. They have partnered with PASOS (an organization that helps Latino/Hispanic families with medical/legal services, sexual trauma, early education, etc.) to create took kits to assist parents with reading, identifying colors, numbers, and exploring the world. She wants to raise money to put books, toys, and puppets in their tool-kits.

Lauren Garrison
River Bluff High School
Lexington, SC

Lauren has a two-part plan to address loneliness among the elderly population in her community. First, she will organize pet supply drives at her school and other locations around the community. Second, she will help sponsor pet adoptions for seniors who can’t afford them and then connect them with Paw Pals and Pet Vets for seniors.

Lillian Holland
Porter-Gaud School
Charleston, SC

Lillian will work on a project called “Cookies and Karaoke” which will help elderly people who suffer from cognitive illnesses enhance their cerebral aptitudes. This project has two parts. The first part consists of students and staff in the nursing home assisting the elderly in making cookies while music plays in the background. The second half will include a karaoke extravaganza where everyone eats their cookie creations and sing their hearts out.

Andrea Kimpson
Richland Northeast High School
Columbia, SC

Andrea will organize a “Living Museum” for low income elementary school students on the history of the Midlands (specifically the people from this region). 

Arnav Lal
Home School
Greer, SC

Arnav will combat poverty by providing education (specifically math and science) to a small group of kids at a rudimentary level. These classes will meet at a regular time period.

Henry Lear
Southside High School
Greenville, SC

Henry will create a service project called “Unidos” to help Latino students who are not proficient in English. In both Southside and other Greenville Country Schools, a “buddy” system will be implements where new students with limited English skills will be paired with a bilingual student to help them in distinct situations such as navigating the guidance department and school facilities. There will also be an after-school tutoring aspect of this project where Spanish teachers tutor ESOL students, then hand them off to other tutors in other subjects. The third part of this project is to hold workshops and create leaflets on the immigration process to make things clearer not only for students but also their parents. The last part is to have bilingual signage and translated letters to allow Spanish-speaking parents to understand what is going on in their child’s educational environment.

Elliot Marron
Greenville High School
Greenville, SC

Elliot will add a Little Free Library to Pleasant Valley and other areas such as Frazee Center, West Greenville, Augusta Circle Area, and Blythe Academy.  These books will primarily be for older elementary school students as well as middle schoolers. The hope is that this will improve the literacy rate in her area of Greenville County.

Blanton Newman
J.L. Mann High School
Greenville, SC

Blanton will organize a walk/run/job/”roll” where all members of his community (those with and without disabilities) can come together to understand each other. This will bridge the educational gap on the judgement toward the ‘unheard voices’ of those with special needs.

Olivia Reichenbach
Hilton Head Christian Academy
Hilton Head, SC

Olivia will create a group called “Planting Seeds” that will take juniors and seniors (all of whom have 3+ years of Spanish) from the three high schools in Hilton Head to tutor native-Spanish-speaking students in English so they can learn how to write formally for job or university applications. The focus of this project will be on younger children (elementary/middle school).

Lily Rowan
Myrtle Beach High School
Myrtle Beach, SC

Lily will continue to gifts during the holidays and food over Spring Break as well as create a comprehensive website/brochure for high school students in her county. It will include information on the safest shelters, best soup kitchens/food banks, and organizations that provide free clothing, phones, scholarships, Medicaid information, job opportunities, etc. This will be geared toward teenagers.

Cate Tedford
Nation Ford High School
Fort Mill, SC

She will encourage the development of kindness as a habit by challenging students to complete a “Daily Act of Kindness” over a 3-week period (This will be called “Falcons for Kindness”). Each day, students will receive a daily kindness challenge during morning announcements; use social media to encourage students to be kind to one another and utilize one of the bulletin boards to have a space where acts of kindness and quotes about kindness can be posted.

Mae Webster
Spartanburg Day School
Spartanburg, SC

Mae will address the lack of education on recycling by installing recycling bins in every classroom as her dads’ new school as well as building a large structure that is separated into three sections: landfill, composting, and recycling. Posters will stick to each section to educate students on what you should put in each subdivision.