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Visit Greenville

Visit Greenville

Once regarded as a small textile town, Greenville, South Carolina has become a prime destination for Fortune 500 companies and tourists. The city has attracted more than 250 international firms, and its thriving downtown is routinely ranked among the best in the United States for its beauty and attractions.

Major corporations like BMW, Fluor Constructors International, Inc., Hubbell Lighting and Lockheed Martin have all made Greenville their home. Visit Greenville and it’s easy to see why.

The city has all the amenities of a big city, but hasn’t lost its small town charm. If you need a point in the right direction, just ask any friendly face on the street. And that hospitality still rings true in our businesses and local government. In Greenville, you won’t be handed a map and pushed out the door. Our hosts will take the time to show you around and engage you in conversation.

With a population under 700,000, Greenville is small enough to feel like a community and big enough to offer great entertainment. Come experience it.

Promoting the arts: What is life without art? See how Greenville supports the arts.

Sustainable development: When it comes to sustainability, Greenville is ahead of the curve. Learn about Greenville’s sustainable development.

Urban planning: Greenville is South Carolina’s urban planning success story. See how we did it.

Education Opportunities: Greenville is a place where higher education collaborates in support of community and economic advancement.

Why we love Greenville: With so much to do, you’ll never get bored in our city. Check out Greenville.