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2010: Kevin Quigley

Woodrow Wilson Fellows in Residence

Kevin Quigley, President/CEO of the
National Peace Corps Association
September 19 - 22, 2010

Public Address: “Global Citizenship: The Emerging World Community”
September 21, 2010

“How can I join the Peace Corps?” was a question often heard by Kevin Quigley, President and CEO of the National Peace Corps Association, during his visit to Furman as a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow. Ever since he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand, Quigley has worked throughout his life to effect meaningful change in civil societies around the world.  For a complete biography, click here.

Quigley’s public address on Sept 21, 2010, reflected his genuine commitment to global citizenship and, during conversations over meals, classroom discussions, and forums, he inspired students to make a difference in their communities at home as well as in the global community.

Students were very impressed by Kevin’s candor, his affability, and in particular, his vast expertise on a broad range of international issues. Remarked one Furman Senior: “Since I was seeing him four times this week, I expected to hear the same “sound bites” repeated, but he always had something new and interesting to talk about. He’s amazing!”

Highlights of his visit to Furman:

  • Visited classes on World Politics, Asian Studies, Politics of China, Public Policy, Public Administration, American Government, and Poverty Studies
  • Shared dialogue over dinner with students with a Poverty Studies concentration in their program of study
  • Enjoyed breakfasts and lunches with members of the Riley Institute Advance Team
  • Led forum on Joining the Peace Corps organized by the Year of Global Citizenship student committee
  • Spoke at a dinner and reception with the Hollingsworth and Townes Scholars
  • Told his “vocational story” for students at a brown bag lunch sponsored in cooperation with the Lilly Center for Vocational Reflection
  • Offered public address on “Global Citizenship: The Emerging World Community”

About Kevin Quigley 

Kevin Quigley has more than 20 years of non-profit leadership experience advancing international understanding and civil society. A former Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, he today serves as President/CEO of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). Representing more than 185,000 Peace Corps alumni, NPCA seeks to foster peace through service, education, and advocacy. As Vice President of the high-profile Asia Society, he directed educational programming on a wide range of political, economic, and social topics, including the Asian financial crisis of the mid-1990s. As an executive at one of the nation’s largest private foundations, he oversaw a $9 million annual grantmaking program that focused on developing civil society in societies transitioning from authoritarianism to more open societies, with a special focus on the former Soviet bloc.

He is the author of a major book on philanthropy and democratization, as well as dozens of articles on international development and NGO-related issues. His opinion pieces have appeared in many newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Japan Times, and Bangkok Post.