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Politics and Media

Politics and Media

Technology advances at a blistering pace, and what does that mean for politics, politicians, traditional media, and emerging media?  This series seeks to answer this question and look seriously at how the world of politics is changing as technology advances the world of media.

In March 2011, the series began with a look at Politicking in an Era of Instant News.  The conference explored the campaign coverage of the 2010 gubernatorial race in South Carolina from both the media’s and the politician’s perspective. Moving the focus from South Carolina to Washington, the conference addressed the questions of “Is Congressional Deliberation Dead?” and “The Presidential Bully Pulpit:  Does it Exist?”

In Fall 2011, the series will look at the relationship between media and the political revolutions in Africa and the Mideast.  Does citizen media spur on revolution?  Is coverage by embedded journalists using traditional media trumped by revolutionaries’ Facebook postings or YouTube videos?

Our series will continue in 2012, exploring ideas such as Wikileaks: free press v. national security and Cable News: blurring the line between news and entertainment?