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Urban Planning

Urban Planning

In response to a dying downtown area, Greenville began a revitalization project in the 1970s that has yielded fantastic results. An area that was once full of vacant buildings is now a constant hum of people walking through the tree-lined Main Street, enjoying restaurants, museums, parks, sporting events, and the arts. Through it all, we’ve maintained our Southern hospitality. We make the effort to get to know our visitors, make sure they’re learning from their industry partners, and show them a good time.

Greenville Forward

Greenville Forward works to implement Greenville Vision 2025, a plan to make Greenville one of the most livable counties. The group’s goals include making the area more connected, inclusive, creative, educated, green, and healthy.

Clemson School of Architecture

Students and faculty work closely with cities and counties to grow and sustain local communities.

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