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September 4: Andrew Michta, Ph.D., "U.S., Russia and Crisis in Ukraine: How Bad Can This Get?" Watkins Room in the Trone Student Center, 7 p.m.

September 17: Constitution Day, Watkins Room in the Trone Student Center, 4 p.m.

September 22-23: China's Environmental Crisis: Is There a Way Out

October 2Dick and Tunky Riley WhatWorksSC Award, Columbia; to register for this event and pay online, click here.

October 5-10WRP Class of 2014-15

November 5-11: APEC Conference Beijing, China


Straight Talk SC: Can't Win for Losing


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Andrew Michta, Ph.D.
M. W. Buckman Distinguished Professor of International Studies at Rhodes College

U.S., Russia and Crisis in Ukraine: How Bad Can This Get?
Watkins Room in the Trone Student Center
Thursday, September 4
7 p.m.

The Ukrainian conflict, triggered when Russia sent troops to the Ukrainian region of Crimea earlier this year, has caused relations between the West and Moscow to sour dramatically. The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 by pro-Russian rebels, resulting in the loss of 283 lives, has exacerbated the crisis and further strained relations.

Has the crisis in Ukraine been building up for months, as media accounts report, or for years, perhaps even beginning in 2007? Vladimir Putin’s “declaration of intent” at that time to reverse the damage to Russia’s power caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union suggests a strategy that has global impact.

Andrew A. Michta, will share his perspective on these questions in addition to examining the conflict’s predicted impact on geopolitical relationships and structures. Furthermore, Dr. Michta will explore the implications for the NATO-Russian-Ukraine relationship and Russia’s relationship with the United States. 

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