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August 29, Sept 5 and 12: StraightTalk: Nationalist Fervor on the Rise in the U.S. and Europe. To register online, click here, or call 864-294-2998.

September 18, 4 pm: Constitution Day

October 6-11: White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship 2019-20

October 19, 10 am: Advance Team alumni breakfast

November 11-17APEC Voices of the Future Program 2019, Santiago, Chile. Theme: “Connecting People, Building the Future” 

November 12Dick and Tunky Riley WhatWorksSC Award




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July 12-19: Teachers of Government (TOG) 2019 - Greenville, SC and Washington, DC.

June 24-28Advantage Scholars

June 16-20Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) Welcome to the 2019-20 EPL Class

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Nationalist Fervor on the Rise in the U.S. and Europe

Presented in partnership with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Furman

Thursdays: August 29 and September 5 and September 12, 2019

Shaw Hall, Younts Conference Center (8/29 & 9/5) and McAlister Auditorium (9/12)
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Registration is open, click here, or call 864-294-2998.
$35 for the series ($25 for OLLI members) I $15 per session ($10 for OLLI members)

We are experiencing a nationalist fervor that is energizing to some but alarming to others. The rise in the U.S. and Europe of populist nationalism is considered by many to be the single-most important political development of the 21st century. The election of Donald Trump, who was sent to the White House on a wave of right-wing populism, England’s Brexit movement, and the rise of the far-right in many European elections point to a phenomenon that is unmistakably tied to white identity, immigration, and demographic change.

Over three weekly sessions, we will look at the rise in nationalist fervor from three distinct points of focus. On August 29, we’ll examine nationalism’s connection to populism and authoritarianism and how this influences our politics and our democracy. On September 5, we will consider how white group identity and changing demographics are having an impact on our politics and our public discourse. Finally, on September 12, we will shift our focus to white nationalism as we hear one man’s journey from heir apparent in the white nationalist movement to critic of the movement’s toxic ideology, false narrative and racist views.

Are we witnessing a moment in time that soon will pass, or are we at the beginning of a new era? Join us as we delve into this topic which greatly affects us as a nation and as individuals.

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