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White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship

The 2016-17 Class

White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship
Developing policy leaders for afterschool and expanded learning

The White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship is a ten-month learning experience offered by the Riley Institute at Furman in partnership with the Charles S. Mott Foundation. The Fellowship is named for William S. White, Richard W. Riley and Terry K. Peterson, all of whom have been instrumental in the growth of afterschool and summer learning programs and policies. Grounded in deep discussion of actual case studies and led by policy change-makers, the Fellowship will equip graduates with a real world understanding of the art, science, possibilities and realities of policy making around afterschool and expanded learning time. 

Comments from the inaugural class:

"It has been an eye-opening experience for me not only to be part of the Fellowship but also to have
the opportunity to meet so many people passionate about the rights of the children to have a place to
go during out-of-school time. During the week together, I learned the essential tools needed to make
changes in policy in general and in particular for afterschool programs."
                Paula Adams, Program Manager, Fun 5 Program, Kahoomiki, Honolulu, HI

"The White-Riley-Peterson Fellowship has been an amazing honor and learning experience. The
knowledge of all the instructors and facilitators along with the depth of combined knowledge of the rest
of the "Fellows" is helping me work with partners in Alaska to develop our plans for a Statewide Network.
             Julie Wild-Curry, Program Director, 21st CCLC, Community After School Programs, Fairbanks, AK

From the 2015-16 class:

"Attending the White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship was as not only rewarding academically but also for creating network partners across the country.  The manner in which policy development was presented allowed for the collaboration of fellows and the input of subject matter experts in the field of afterschool programming. This policy fellowship experience has also given me the tools necessary to continue building much needed partnerships between law enforcement and out of school programs. This was an amazing hands on experience."
               Darren GrimshawMajor, Burlington Police Department, Iowa

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The White-Riley-Peterson Institute is funded through the generous support of the C.S. Mott Foundation.