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Genuine Nine

Row 1 (l-r) Debra Gammons, Sarah Penick Smith, Teresa Hannibal, Sharon Chellis
Row 2: Warren Redman-Gress, Joseph Pye, Ben Hagood, Herbert 

Genuine Nine reaches out to Local School to fight for Literacy

Genuine Nine saw too clearly how dangerously South Carolina teeters near the top with inadequate public education, high drop-out rates, and illiteracy. Genuine Nine wanted to make its project impactful by fighting for literacy realizing that parents hold the key in ensuring educational success for their children – particularly in the early years.

Genuine Nine sought a partnership with Book Buddies, a local volunteer organization, to launch its community project at James Simons Elementary School, located on King Street in Charleston. The project, called “Leading by Reading,” engages first grade students at James Simons Elementary and their families to explore the magic of reading at their school, at the Charleston County Library, and at the South Carolina Aquarium. For three nights, the children and their families share a reading experience, eat a delicious meal, and receive free books. The students also write their own story and their story is bound and presented to them at the last meeting.

Genuine Nine hopes that its effort will spark the important lesson in parents to read to their children and encourage their children to read. The United States of America is a great country and its fruits are readily available to those who read, who learn, and who are motivated to succeed.