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Row 1 (l-r): Frankie Felder, Delisa English, Beverly McAdams
Row 2 (l-r): Dave Andrews, Constancio Nakuma, Dean Woods, Tracy Lamb


The group anticipates exciting and unique activities in the schools drawing on the creativity of the teachers and the resources of our team. Team members hope that music, art, literature, poetry, social studies, geography, sports, etc., will be encompassed in the “Diversity Awareness Week” and the team is committed to ensuring that these activities not cost the school anything as Team Melange will provide the resources to staff and promote the week as needed. Clemson University’s and Anderson University’s teacher education programs have committed their students (future teachers) as volunteers to assist with the week. Our DLI group members will be on hand to assist with programs and activities as well and are able to invite other DLI upstate alumni to join. 


Members of Team Melanges, Upstate Class XVIII, have provided an update on their community action project, DIVERSITY AWARENESS WEEK, Anderson School District Five, March 23-27, 2015. For information about their upcoming event, click here. To view their flyer, click here.  

Team Melanges visits Whitehall Elementary-A Global Communication School. Click here to view a video that was created to recognize the strengths that we gain as a community when we embrace and celebrate diversity