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The Stand Outs, "Speak Up, Stand Out" Project

(l-r): Tina Herbert, Ann Timberlake, Al Reid, Thornton Kirby, Curtis Chow
Not pictured: Jennifer Hollingsworth

“Speak Up, Stand Out” is a grassroots campaign encouraging peer-to-peer awareness and support to combat bullying among youths.  In partnership with Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands, “Speak Up, Stand Out” involves the submission of short, personal stories from youth for youth to be provided in a web-based format with a process for the identification of three “winners” to receive cash prizes for their submission.  By choosing to “speak up,” these youth who offer their personal stories to their peers have the opportunity to “stand out” as role models for those who may be silently struggling with similar issues that they have been able to overcome.  In recognition of their leadership, the campaign offers a monetary prize for the top three submissions and online promotion of their videos.  The goal of the campaign is to provide a way for affected youth to find support, empathy, and encouragement from their peers who have been in their shoes and have overcome similar situations.