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College and Career for Cougars

Row 1 (l-r): Melissa Maddox-Evans, Mary Thornley, André Boyd, Mindy Sturm
Row 2 (l-r): Luke Rankin, Hamilton Davis, Matt Story, Cindy Bohn Coats, Madeleine McGee

College and Careers for Cougars (C&C)
A Collaborative to Support NCHS Seniors

Developed by Team Two of the 2015 Lowcountry Program
Furman University’s Riley Institute’s Diversity Leaders Initiative

In her October 2015 letter to the community, Natrese Dorsey, North Charleston High School (NCHS) Senior Class President, invited the community to “peel back the stigma and tear into the hope” within the members of NCHS’s senior class. It is our team’s goal to take Natrese up on her invitation.

We aim to help NCHS seniors pursue college and careers by providing resources that encourage graduation-eligible students to: pursue college, focus on meaningful careers, see potential in their futures, and feel valued by their community, especially the immediate Park Circle community.  In addition, we aim to strengthen the already strong relationship between Trident Technical College and NCHS. 

The proposed program of services will include: 1) providing seniors with the opportunity for career exploration with local professionals, 2) arranging a customized visit to Trident Technical College, 3) funding a Ten for Trident Scholarship Program ($10,000) just for NCHS seniors, 4) supporting the Senior Class’s fundraising for Senior Week, and 5) setting a up successor organization(s) so that the program supports NCHS for the long haul.

Our team members have each personally committed to:  

  1. Organize and deliver at least one component of the above program of services.
  2. Attend three of five possible events: Career Day, Trident Tech Day, Fun 4 Fun Raising Event, Senior Week Gathering and Graduation / Awards Day

Partner organizations include North Charleston High School, Communities in Schools, and Trident Technical College.

NHCH 2016 Senior Class
Cluster Counts Reflecting Job Interests
Based on NCHS Reports   

Health Science  29.5%
Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communications 19.0%
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics  9.6%
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security  9.2%
Government and Public Administration  6.9%
Human Services   6.7%
Education and Training  4.5%
Information Technology  3.1%
Hospitality and Tourism  2.9%
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics  2.6%
Architecture and Construction  2.2%
Business Management and Administration  2.0%
Manufacturing  1.0%
Finance  0.3%
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources  0.3%
Marketing  0.1%