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Team members: Row 1 (l-r): Mica Dolan, Rick Maxey, Edie Blakeslee, Jeff Tibbals
Row 2 (l-r): Patrick Bryant, Jackie Heyward, Craig Ascue, Reggie Gosnell
Not pictured: Marjory Wentworth

The Explorers aim to spread an understanding of and appreciation for diversity to students. The Waccamaw River is essentially the only separation between the attendance regions for St. James and Conway High Schools, but students from these two high schools generally have very different day-to-day experiences, mainly because of disparate backgrounds. The Explorers aim to bridge this gap, partnering with such organizations as Coastal Carolina Community College, in understanding between students from these two schools by bringing them together through education. Through a science program held on Sandy Island, students from Conway and St. James High Schools will learn about the biodiversity in their backyard in order to gain an appreciation for the human diversity that exists around them.