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Pencil Pushers

Team members: Row 1 (l-r): Jennifer Myers, Christian Maclver, Vanity Jenkins, 
Robby Robbins, Fred Jones
Row 2 (l-r): Bob Quinn, Sharon Thomas, Dominique Milton, Adrian Cain

Pencil Pushers focused on a sustainability plan for the Teacher’s Supply Closet. The Teacher’s Supply Closet provides free supplies for K-12 Teachers in Charleston, Berkley and Dorchester counties. Over the last ten years, the Teacher Supply Closet has gone from serving teachers working at schools with 100% of students in poverty to now serving schools with 79% poverty index. In the next few years they hope to expand to schools with a 50% poverty index. Increasing the number of schools that are eligible to use the Teacher Supply Closet means more supplies and volunteers are needed on a daily basis. The goal of the capstone project is to support the growth and sustainability of this organization that serves teachers and students in the area. The team helped the organization launch their #GiveFive program to fundraise money for a new building, assisted with diversifying and training the board, and partnered with organizations to sponsor consistent volunteers to work in the closet.