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The Council

Challenge Day is a unique experience through which students and community leaders become more meaningfully engaged in making campus life safer, creating a positive learning environment and establishing better communications among students and their teachers. It achieves its goals through a daylong sequence of powerful, high-energy exercises and reflections in which participants talk about their values and aspirations, while setting new goals that will shape their campus life.

The Council will bring this youth-based national experiential learning program to four area high schools in order to diffuse tensions and diversity-related challenges. Over 100 youth and at least 25 adult facilitators are taken through a guided journey of games, discussions, and exercises which reveal hidden stereotypes and break though social isolation that youth feel daily. Youth from each school are selected based on their teachers' and counselors' belief that they are individuals who might most benefit from the transformational experience and will be able to share it with others.

The vision of Challenge Day - to create a school environment where every child feels safe, loved and celebrated – is one The Council endorses. To this end, The Council will raise over $20,000 and will support Challenge Day at four Upstate schools: Greenville High School, Clinton High School, Spartanburg High School, and Westside High School.