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Putting Teen Pregnancy on Pause



Forrest Alton, Chief Executive Officer, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Don Flowers, Pastor, Providence Baptist Church

The Issue:

Research shows a direct link between teen births and other social issues, including high school dropout rate, poverty, child well-being and the overall health of our state. A child’s chance of growing up in poverty is nine times greater if the mother gave birth as a teen, if the parents were unmarried when the child was born, and if the mother did not receive a high school diploma, than if none of these circumstances are present. In addition to the social costs of teen births, there is an economic burden on South Carolina’s taxpayers that exceeds $197 million annually, increasing the urgency surrounding this issue.

The goal of Putting a Pause on Teen Pregnancy is to improve health outcomes of babies and the educational outcomes of young women by lowering the rate of teen births in South Carolina. We seek to engage leaders in making the prevention of teen pregnancy a priority issue by raising awareness within their communities and developing a strategy for effecting community-wide change.

Overarching Goal: Lower the rate of teen pregnancy in South Carolina

What we have done: 

  • Hosted several fundraiser and awareness events for preventing teen pregnancy
  • Created a document called Survey Says: It’s OK to Talk about Sex, which visually shows public support for comprehensive sex education in public schools
  • Took part in a survey and helped drive a postcard campaign called Core 84 to inform constituents’ elected officials that they are part of the 84% of South Carolinians who support sex education that emphasizes abstinence and teaches about contraception
  • Signed some of the 367 Core 84 postcards that were mailed or hand-delivered to state legislators and school superintendents

What we have learned: Engaging a broad cross-sector group of community leaders in advocacy requires careful consideration of to their various connections and interests to help identify specific ways they can get involved
2013 Goals: Successfully navigate a bill (House Bill 3435) that is currently moving through the South Carolina House of Representatives related to the Comprehensive Health Education Act (CHEA). 

How you can plug in:

  • Attend one-on-one legislative meeting with South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy staff to show support of the CHEA recommended changes
  • Call or email your elected official to declare your support for House Bill 3435
  • Send a Core 84 postcard to your legislator

Get involved!

Join us!     

Learn more at South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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