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Lowcountry Class V, Fall 2010

Lowcountry Class V, Fall 2010

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The Mind Builders

“Call me Mister Success”

A recent report calls the achievement by African American males in the United States a 'national catastrophe'. The study states that African American males continue to perform lower than their peers throughout the country, no matter what the measure. One specific area pointed out in the study is education.

Project C.O.O.L.: Celebrating Others through Opportunities in Learning

Members of Project C.O.O.L brought together a diverse group of high school students from various schools in the Lowcountry to create an opportunity for them to mirror some of the experiences that DLI participants experience throughout their class interactions. Group members aimed to create an opportunity for discussion after sharing two activities in the community.


CrashCourse group members developed a project which aims to create an environment that will help spark open dialogue about diversity issues in South Carolina among young professionals, build a network among the participants, and provide the “Crash Course” tools to participants, in hopes they will continue the legacy within their organizations.

Team GR8

“A Pre-College Experience”

Team GR8 focused their group efforts on emphasizing the importance of higher education to lesser-advantaged students. We know that through positive experiences and real life interaction, community members have a chance to influence the future decisions of today’s youth. Team GR8 offered a select group of targeted students – those who have the potential to continue their education beyond high school, but who may not have been exposed to a college environment – an opportunity to visit a college campus and hear first-hand from college representatives.

Carolina Perspectives

Team Carolina Perspectives’ goal is to bring DLI alumni together to continue the style and dynamic of the conscious conversation experienced during DLI classes. The group hopes to continue and build relationships among DLI alumni, facilitate at least two evenings of conscious conversations that stimulate diversity awareness, and enhance DLI growth through these dialogue and relationships and “carry it on.”