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New Tech students score perfect 100s

In the dark skies that overshadowed Colleton’s recent state test scores, 26 stars shine brightly. And all of them are students in Holly Hughes’ freshman biology class.

Of the 86 students in her class last year, 26 scored perfect 100s on the state biology test … something that’s never happened in Colleton School District before. And the average score for her three classes was 91, with 45 scores of 90 or better.

When Hughes is asked how she accomplished this, she states that she loves her students and the science she teaches. She makes it her mission to reach every student in her class, which runs the gamut from honors to learning disabled. Hughes also tries to differentiate as much as she can to hit every type of learning style and incorporate the students' ideas as to how they would prefer to learn a particular concept.

"You create that culture of we’re a group – it’s not I’m your teacher and you’re my student. It’s we’re all here to get that job of learning done,” she said.

To read this article that appeared in The Press and Standard in its entirety, click here.

Investing in Innovation (i3): New Tech 

Cougar New Tech was recently featured on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate:  Let’s Make It Happen program. To watch the video that details one of South Carolina’s New Tech schools, part of the federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant project undertaken by KnowledgeWorks and the Riley Institute, click here

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