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Kaitlyn Sain

Kaitlyn Sain
Clover High School
Clover, SC

Since dental health is directly related to general health, I want to provide dental hygiene products to lower income families. My projects name is Clover Smiles and I am going collect dental hygiene items and put in the Pack the Back bags at Bethany Elementary School (that is the school with the most Pack the Back students). I had a dental hygiene collection back in October on a Friday night at one of our home football games. It went very well! I think I collected 60 some tooth brushes, 30 some tooth paste and I think 12 dental floss. I also received 70 some dollars in donations to go and buy supplies. I am writing letters to send to the local dentist offices in Clover, so hopefully they will donate the items that I didn’t receive at the football game.

Click here to view the flyer Kaitlyn created.