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Planning and Evaluation Capacity Building

The Center’s Planning and Evaluation Capacity Building Initiative (PECBI) empowers nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and other federally and locally funded programs with the knowledge and tools to foster a culture of learning around data and evaluation. Through an iterative process of in-person workshops and coaching, organizations that participate in PECBI cultivate deep self-knowledge and build their capacity to use data to improve programming and increase impact.

PECBI equips organizations to:

  • Clarify program purpose, activities, and intended outcomes through the development of detailed logic models
  • Examine the alignment between programs and desired impacts
  • Access and utilize best practice research to inform program design and delivery
  • Identify or refine data collection tools to credibly measure intended outcomes
  • Develop feasible plans to analyze and use gathered data to support continuous learning and demonstrate impact
  • Cultivate a commitment to the use of data to inform decision-making

Project Highlight:

In May 2019, The Riley Institute began the PECBI process with Foothills Family Resources, United Ministries, and Center for Community Services as part of an Integrated Services Alliance (ISA). Although they operate in relative silos, these three organizations all serve individuals and families in crisis and guide them on the road to self-sufficiency. The purpose of the Riley Institute’s work with ISA is to lay the foundation for intra-organizational learning, collaboration, and collective impact reporting for Greenville County. Funded by the Graham Foundation, the Riley Institute is engaging each organization in the creation of program-specific logic models, research into approaches for moving individuals and families to self-sufficiency, and identification and measurement of realistic program outcomes. In-person, group workshops allow the ISA organizations to compare their programs, discuss best practices in service provision, and align data and outcomes for future collective evaluation.

Past PECBI Clients:

  • CommunityWorks Carolina
  • Palmetto Shared Services Alliance
  • Urban League of the Upstate
  • Woman and Children Succeeding of Anderson Interfaith Ministries