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Wilkins Legislative and Civic Awards Dinner 2013

(l-r) David Wilkins, James Harrison, Anita Zucker and Richard Riley

Representative James H. Harrison received the 2012 Wilkins
Award for Excellence in Legislative Leadership

Anita G. Zucker received the 2012 Wilkins Award for
Excellence in Civic Leadership

The Eighth Annual Wilkins Awards Dinner
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
January 8, 2013 

Sponsors of the 2013 Wilkins Awards Dinner. To view this year's program, click here.

Held on the first night of the legislative session, the eighth annual Wilkins Legislative and Civic Leadership Awards dinner featured Senator Lindsey Graham as the keynote speaker. His remarks on the need for legislators to work together across the aisle and to distinguish between those whose policy stances with which you disagree and those who we call enemies set a positive tone for the 2013 session.

Two awards were presented by Secretary Richard Riley and Ambassador David Wilkins. The David Wilkins Award for Excellence in Civic Leadership was awarded to Anita G. Zucker, Charleston philanthropist and strong advocate for education reform and community development. Zucker is Chair and Chief Executive Officer of The InterTech Group in North Charleston.

The David Wilkins Award for Excellence in Legislative Leadership was awarded to Representative James H. Harrison (Richland District 75). Harrison retired at the end of the 2012 legislative session, and this award was a tribute to his achievements and commitment to South Carolina during his 23 years of service in the South Carolina House.

Hosted by Furman President Rodney A. Smolla, the event brought approximately 100 legislators together and several hundred community leaders and interested citizens from across South Carolina. Special music was provided by the Cantus Chamber Choir of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities.