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2010: Youth in Politics

(l-r) John Tynan and H. Boyd Brown

American Politics and Policy

Youth in Politics
H. Boyd Brown and John Tynan

Presented by the Riley Institute Advance Team

On February 16, 2010, a panel discussion on “Youth in Politics” was presented by The Riley Institute Advance Team in Burgiss Theater on Furman's campus. The panel included H. Boyd Brown and John Tynan, and the discussion was moderated by Professor Dorianne Norwood of the Department of Political Science at Furman. The objective of this panel was to highlight some unique facets of South Carolina politics and to provide advice as to how individuals can become more politically involved.

Brown is a 2007 graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in political science. As a member of the S.C. House of Representatives for Fairfield County, he was the youngest elected state lawmaker in the country at the time of his election in 2007. A resident of Winnsboro, S.C., Boyd is a third generation member of the S.C. House.

Tynan is the Greenville County Water Commissioner, and an active member of Greenville Forward's Environmental Task Force and the City of Greenville's Authentic Youth Civic Engagement initiative. He also served on Plan-It-Greenville's Economic Development committee as well as Imagine Greenville's Land Use and Transportation committee. Tynan graduated from Furman in 2005.

The format for this event included opening statements by each of the participants, a short session of discussion prompted by questions from the moderator, and, lastly, a Q & A session. This event offered students the chance to hear, from elected officials who are, by age, their peers, personal experience and advice for navigating the state's political arena.