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2017: Climate Change

National Conferences

Climate Change is Real: Now What?

Presented by Furman University’s Riley Institute, Shi Center for Sustainability, and Institute for Community Health
7 – 8:45 pm, November 8 & 9
Shaw Hall, Younts Conference Center

Moderated by Mark Quinn, former longtime broadcast journalist

Overwhelming scientific consensus asserts that human-caused climate change is real and its effects are evident today through prolonged heat waves, severe droughts and coastal flooding, and increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. This two-day conference will present evidence of climate change and discuss the health, economic, ecological, national security impacts of climate change and its associated sea rise, as well as potential solutions.

November 8: Climate Change is Real

A View from Space—The reality of a changing climate and what is causing it

Keynote presenter: Charles Bolden, former NASA Administrator and astronaut

Evidence at Sea Level

Tony Bartelme, investigative reporter who authored the Charleston Post and Courier’s award-nominated series “Every other breath: Hidden stories of climate change”

The Human Impact

Allison Crimmins, EPA climate scientist and lead author of study on impact of climate change on health

November 9: Now What? Responding to the Challenge and Planning for the Future

Cities and Climate Change: Today’s Impact and Tomorrow’s Threat

Philip Stoddard, PhD, professor of biology at Florida International University and mayor, South Miami Beach

How Cities are Tackling the Real Life Impacts of Climate Change: A conversation moderated by Mark Quinn

Phil Stoddard
Billy Keyserling, mayor, Beaufort

Reducing Greenhouse Gases to Save the Planet

A Conservative’s Case for Climate Change Action

Bob Inglis, former member of Congress and executive director of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative at George Mason University

Check back frequently as additional speakers will be added as we get closer to the event.